1.     Five Day Members, Juvenile Members, Junior Members, Temporary Members, Concession Members and all classes of Associates shall only be permitted to use the Course on such days and at such times as Council shall by resolution from time to time determine.

2.     Temporary Members shall not be eligible to play in Club competitions.

3.     After playing or exiting from a bunker, players must smooth out all club and foot marks.

4.     Tee markers, direction indicators, etc, must not be moved except under the Rules of Golf, after which they must be replaced. Except on Teeing Grounds, any turf cut up by a stroke must be replaced.

5.     Players must ensure that when laying down bags or the flagstick, damage is not done to the putting green. After players have holed out, any damage to the putting green made by the ball or the player must be carefully repaired.

6.     Marking the position of the ball on the putting green by scratching the surface of the green is not permitted.

7.     On Saturdays or specific closed competition days, non-competitors should not commence play until the last competitor has holed out on the first green. On all other days, non-competitors must give way on the course to competitors playing in any competition or match authorised by Council.

8.     Subject to Bye-Law 7, all groups have equal privileges on the course, provided they keep their places on the course.  The
term "group" includes a single player.

9.     Dogs are strictly prohibited from being brought on to any part of the Club property. (Guide dogs excepted)

10.  All competitions are governed by the Rules of Golf and the Local Rules as printed on the current Score Card, or Fixture Booklet, or posted on the Notice Board. Handicaps are governed by the CONGU Unified Handicapping System.

11.  No Member or Associate shall purchase balls from any unauthorised person.

12.  A Member shall not be given a handicap unless he returns three cards signed by himself and another Member.

13 Competition entry fees, when appropriate, must be paid before starting unless the Professional’s shop is closed, in which case, players must pay their fee immediately on completing their round. Failure to comply with this Bye-Law will result in disqualification.

14.  Both players or partnerships in any draw will be responsible for the match arrangements.

15.  When matches have not been played by the stipulated date, both players will be disqualified unless they have made prior arrangements with the Competition referee.

16.  Any dispute regarding play shall be decided by the Competitions Committee following whose decision an Appeal may be made to Council. Council's decision shall be
binding unless an Appeal be made to the Rules of Golf Committee of the Royal and Ancient Club of St. Andrews, and upheld.

17.  Groups of more than 12 golfers which include visitors will be deemed to be Societies.
These groups will not be permitted to play without prior booking through the Club Office and they will be charged normal Society rates.

18.  On Open Days, Fund-raising Sundays and Charity Sundays, Societies and Groups acting like Societies will NOT be accepted. No person will be allowed to book for more than 3 Fourballs which include Visitors.

19.  Motorised buggies are permitted on the course but must be operated in accordance with the following Club documents: "General Policy for the Operation and Use of Motorised Golf Carts" and "General Terms and Conditions for the Management and Hire of Motorised Golf Carts".

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