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  • Practice Area

    bigpicConsideration for the needs and safety of other golfers on the practice area is as important as it is for the needs and safety of other golfers on the course itself.

    When using the practice area, the following guidelines should be observed:

    • Give priority to those already using the area.
    • Do not take up more space than you really need when others are also wanting to practice.
    • Do not play from positions which will endanger others or will prevent others from using the area from fear of endangering you.
    • Obey the instructions on any notice in the area regarding direction of play.
    • Do not hit into areas where others are collecting balls.

    When the course is closed due to bad weather or any other reason, the practice area is also closed.

    The Professional and/or Assistant Professional are permitted to use the practice area at all times (except Remembrance Day) for teaching purposes.

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