Chairperson - Mr Joe McCullough
Gents Captain - Mr Neil Roulston
Lady Captain - Mrs Christine McCullough

Club Officers

Chairperson - Mr. J McCullough
Captain - Mr. N Roulston
Lady Captain - Mrs. C McCullough
President - Mr. S Moore
Lady President - Mrs. M Falloon
Vice Captain - Mr. G Hawkins
Lady Vice Captain - Mrs. L MacDonnell
Honorary Secretary - Mr. I. MacDonnell
Honorary Treasurer - Ms. B McDonald
Immed. Past Captain - Mr. C Scott
Ladies Immed. Past Captain - Mrs. S Stewart

Council / Committee 2024

Mrs. Janice Wallace
Mr. Clive Black
Mrs. Maureen Charleton
Mr. Ken Haslem
Mr. Michael Wilkins
Dr. Janet Walker
Mr. Michael Graham
Mr. Christopher McCandless


Mens Handicap and Competitions - Mr Michael Wilkins
Ladies Handicap and Competitions - Mrs Louise MacDonnell
Juveniles and Mens Teams - Mr Ken Haslem
Greens - Mrs Maureen Charleton
Social - Mr Gavin Hawkins
Compliance - Mr Neil Roulston
Governance and Strategy - Mr Michael Graham
Rules and Membership - Mr Ian MacDonnell
Communications - Mrs Janice Wallace
House - Dr Janet Walker

Veterans Committee

Chairman Dr. S. Moore
Secretary Mr. J. Burns
Treasurer Mr. T. Parker


Mr. A.G.S. Crawford
Mr. S. MacDonald
Mr. M. McAlpine
Mr. D. Tinsley

Office Staff

Manager - G. Walsh
Admin Staff - K. Hutchings
Admin Staff - L. Blakely