Standard of dress on the Course

The following items of dress are unacceptable at any time.
Denim Jeans
Singlets (sleeveless or collarless shirts)
Sweaters without shirts
Garments displaying slogans
Track or leisure suits
Training or running shoes (except for under 18's)
Shorts for men other than tailored shorts with knee length socks or white sports socks. Any man playing as a member of a team representing the Club may not wear shorts.

Standard of dress in the Clubhouse

The items listed above as being unacceptable on the course are also prohibited in the Clubhouse.
Gentlemen are not permitted to wear untailored shorts at any time in the Clubhouse.
Smart casual dress is acceptable in the Clubhouse except where otherwise specified by Council and displayed on the Notice Board i.e. Captains Night and other formal functions.
Denim apparel is permitted provided they are not ‘slashed’ or ‘worn’ types.